The Big Walk

The Big Walk

The Big walk took place in St Louis Infants School on Friday 1st of December 2017 when teachers and children made a big effort to walk all of the way to school or if that was not possible to walk part of the way e.g. park and stride. What a turn out we had! The joy of working with young children becomes evident on such an occasions when their natural enthusiasm surpasses all expectations. A big thank you to all the teachers and parents who assembled in Mc Nally’s Car Park and in all the other parking places around the town. A big thank you also to the little people in our school for whom no challenge is too great and no joy too little. Let’s not forget Sorcha Brophy from An Taisce, our mentor and travel co-ordinator. Well done to the green school committee for working tirelessly over the last few week informing and involving the whole school.


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